January 22, 2019 | In: Nepotriedené

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S – black screen after unlocking

Do you get a black screen on your Xiaomi phone as I did? I tried google but people gave many devices that did not work, ranging from rebooting the phone to flashing a different ROM.

In my case, the phone was just a few hours old, so obviously if the carrier did not drop the package, I did not consider it a hardware problem. Then I realized, it is doing “sometimes”, meaning, only after the phone was locked for more than a minute.

As tried to unlock the phone with a fingerprint, the sound suggested the phone was indeed unlocked, however, the screen was black. So I had to manually press the side on/off button once or twice to really get the screen working.

Then I had finally my revelation… what if… it is locking more than once. After going to settings, finding the period after which the phone “auto-locked” the screen (15 sec, 1 minute, …) and turning it off, it finally started to work… better…

It MOSTLY works now. I’ll keep testing it and see if it gets better or I’ll have to return it :/

If anyone has a working solution, please leave down in the comments.


actually, I had to return it, as after extensive testing the firmware seemed to be really badly broken…

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