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SOLVED: skyrim – right hand bug – shield

skyrim cant bind right hand

update: i added also shield in link for those affected with this bug and not using only spells 🙂

update2: login not required for posting comments and ideas… any improvements welcomed 😉

update3: affected only warez version, buy original 😉

gave me quite a headache…

I think it was ment to be bind (or was tested only) by quick “favorite” access…

if your spell or weapon is “frozen”:
enter menu item, take some one handed weapon, first to your left than right hand, right hand click more times coz its not working on the first time, now go back to game. Your character will take that weapon (dagger) out; fine go back to menu and DONT leave it till i “write” so… Go again item menu, take off the weapon, go to magic menu, bind first your (R) right hand spell and u can leave menu back to game… tadaaa

pew-pew solution for fast binding:
when we solved our right hand bug and we assume you have more spells in favorite (Q) open it now… go to First person view by (F) for better understanding;
open Q and bind numbers to your spells, 1-8; NOW your right hand is “frozen” BUT after you bind numbers to your fast menu you can change it as u wish 🙂
so twice the number will put your spell (LR), than next spell will leave your last (R) spell and bind to left hand (L) next spell; twice then number u have (LR) new spell and so on… try 🙂

back to gaming (found out by accident xD)

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