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How to download a youtube playlist free

Well, to be honest, I’m still in a shock after I found out that there is no “wget” on window$, so here we are… explaining a safe way to download all YouTube videos in a playlist.

First, you need to generate all the URLs via this nice and simple online tool: https://youtubemultidownloader.net/playlists.html

Once it populates the text box, copy the results and store in notepad++ or something similar for later.

If you are on windows 10, you can download free software (unbelievable :O) called “Batch Downloader” from the windows store: (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/batch-downloader/9nblggh625v6?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab|pivot%3Areviewstab)

Install it (obviously), and now you can paste the previously generated URLs from the online tool above. Voila, you have your hard copy…


as one would (and should) expect, the shitty widows batch downloader was not really up to the task, so I had to download wget and use that.

If you want to use wget on windows, just google and download wget.exe, copy it to the text file where you keep all the links generated by the online tool and run the command: wget -i your_list.txt

Now, you probably want to rename all the files with some mass tool such as totalcmd. Go to Files->Multi-rename tool (or Ctrl+M) and fill the “Search for:” with the portion of the file name which you want to “delete”, and leave the “Replace with” empty and hit “Start”.

If you know any better way of how to do it on window$ crap I’m all ears.


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