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August 30, 2018 | In: Programovanie

mysql natural sort

Natural sort in mysql

select alphanum ORDER BY LENGTH(alphanum), alphanum


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How to remove svn needs-lock in all files in folders and subfolders Use the check-for-modifications dialog, show all files (including not modified ones). Select all files, right-click, choose "properties". Then remove the svn:needs-lock...

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August 20, 2018 | In: Správa linuxu, Video-Audio

mp3 gain

Increase the volume of an mp3 on linux

aptitude install easymp3gain-gtk

nacitate mp3 zmenite z 89db na trebars 100 original

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August 18, 2018 | In: Správa linuxu, Video-Audio

mp3 cut

How to cut mp3 on linux? simple:

aptitude install mpgtx

mpgsplit ringtone2.mp3 [00:00:10.60-00:01:00] -o ringtone3.mp3

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August 18, 2018 | In: Programovanie

pocet riadkov kodu

Ak chceme pocet riadkov v kode find . -name '*.php' | xargs wc -l

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